Originally from the Medway Towns in Kent, I am now based in South Gloucestershire. My hobby of photography started in earnest in 1978 when I spent my savings on my first SLR, a Praktica LTL3 to which I added a couple of lenses.

Getting at job in the photo trade was a bit of a help furthering my gear acquisition and I worked my way through Pentax, Bronica, Olympus and Nikon. During the years 1979 – 1990 I found myself working in a number of retail photographic outlets such as Tecno, Fox Talbot, City Camera Exchange and (very briefly) Peckhams of Stroud.

Since 1990 I have worked at Fujifilm UK and with the arrival of Fujifilm X100 and mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras I have rekindled my interest in photography again.

All of the images on this site are made with Fujifilm cameras, either X-series or GFX medium format.